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Personal Care

Your home is where you feel safest of all, a place filled with precious memories. We understand how much it means to you to remain living independently in your own home, and we provide the support for you to do just that.

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Our Services include:

  • Assist with a good morning start to the day, helping you or a loved one to get up, washed, showered or bathed.  This could include dressing and breakfast
  • At the end of the day, some help with getting ready for bed and ensuring your property is left safe and secure
  • Overnight support – waking/sleep in
  • Help with your laundry or ironing or to just keep your home clean and tidy
  • Preparation of meals with you or for you
  • Shopping, this could be with you or helping you to make a list and going to the shops for you
  • Support with social activities – such as going out for a walk, attending appointments, visiting family and friends, or attending a day centre

"Absolutely happy, the carers are happy, polite and do their job. I feel comfortable in my own home."

Mr G – Customer

"The carers are beyond nice, they go above and beyond, I feel at ease with them and I like them in my house. "

Mrs J – Customer

"I am grateful for everything the carers do, I look forward to seeing the girls."

Mrs B – Customer

"The carers make me feel comfortable, they help a lot and talk nicely to me. They make my bed for me too, they are wonderful."

Miss S - Customer

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