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Learning Disabilities

Children and adults with complex learning disabilities are not lucky enough to have the choice or opportunities that many of us take for granted. From deciding where and who to live with, to how they spend their time, they require help to function each day.

Our Goal at Pathways to Independence is to enable children, younger people and adults with a disabilities, autism and/or mental health support needs to live the life they wish.

More Details

Our Services Include:

  • Short Breaks, and/or holidays in the UK or abroad
  • Supporting you to attend medical appointments
  • Support with medication
  • Support to attend social activities, including groups, visiting families and friends, attending day services
  • Support with finances and budgeting
  • Support with your Shopping, Laundry/Domestic/household tasks


Our service is working alongside the National Autism Society to become a fully accredited provider of Autism friendly services.


"Absolutely happy, the carers are happy, polite and do their job. I feel comfortable in my own home."

Mr G – Customer

"The carers are beyond nice, they go above and beyond, I feel at ease with them and I like them in my house. "

Mrs J – Customer

"I am grateful for everything the carers do, I look forward to seeing the girls."

Mrs B – Customer

"The carers make me feel comfortable, they help a lot and talk nicely to me. They make my bed for me too, they are wonderful."

Miss S - Customer

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