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Clinical Services

Springfield Healthcare’s Clinical Service enables healthcare providers to transfer the management and delivery of complex Care packages to the home care environment.

Clinical Responsibilities for the client’s care must always remain with the medical professionals.  The aim and purpose of Springfield Healthcare is to work in partnership with these professionals and the extended multi-disciplinary team, to provide a safe and appropriate package of care to the client.

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Our Services

Through our Clinical Service we are able to manage and deliver complex care packages that represent the diverse range of our skills base. These include (but not exhaustively):

• Neurological Cases

Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Muscular Dystrophy (MD), Parkinson’s Disease, CVA with complex healthcare needs, Unstable epilepsy or rare epilepsy disorders, Head / Brain Injury

• Spinal Injury Cases

Tetraplegic patients requiring management of autonomic dysreflexia, high cervical spinal injury, ventilator dependant with tracheostomy

•  Respiratory Cases


• Metabolic Cases

Renal Failure, Unstable Type 1 Diabetes

• Cancer Patients

Including poor symptom control and end stage of Life

If you would like to receive a tailored presentation of the Springfield Healthcare Clinical Services Model, demonstrating how this service can work in partnership to achieve your objectives, we would be delighted to arrange a convenient time to visit you.

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"Absolutely happy, the carers are happy, polite and do their job. I feel comfortable in my own home."

Mr G – Customer

"The carers are beyond nice, they go above and beyond, I feel at ease with them and I like them in my house. "

Mrs J – Customer

"I am grateful for everything the carers do, I look forward to seeing the girls."

Mrs B – Customer

"The carers make me feel comfortable, they help a lot and talk nicely to me. They make my bed for me too, they are wonderful."

Miss S - Customer

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